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Scanning Sevice
Scanning Service

Our scanning service is a rapid, cost-effective, and uses a standardized process with a number of configurable options. It also quicker and simpler to set up, operate, and deliver than a bespoke scanning service.

  • Electronic images of our client’s documents and files
  • Organized using a coherent directory
  • Files naming convention
  • Images and corresponding metadata are made available via secure FTP or on encrypted media.
Data Extraction
Data Extraction

Our experts will help you establish a fast, efficient process for the strategic conversion or your paper records and documents to a digital format. This increases access and reduces storage costs.

  • Extract valuable data and insights from your legacy records and documents to make better business decisions
  • Have electronic access to your vital records without subjecting the original to wear and tear or loss
  • Centralise your information in an electronic repository of your own or our Digital Record Centre, where it can be easily and securely shared.

M-Files bridges the gap between structured business data and unstructured information. With Information Management Systems we help companies and organizations improve how they secure, process, and manage data and content, be it documents, images, emails, customer information, and other objects.
Eliminate the administrative tedium and provide time for higher-value work, faster processing, and increased accuracy.

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